73 FZ and KON PCD Scoring Saw Blades

Material: Coated and uncoated chipboards, coated and uncoated MDF, various plastic materials, non-ferrous metals, building and insulation materials

Machine: Panel sizing saws, formating saws, hand saws

  • scoring saw blades suitable for cutting applications together with panel sizing saw blades
1202,8 - 3,62012+12FZ
1202,8 - 3,6


1202,8 - 3,630(2)12+12FZ
1252,8 - 3,62012+12FZ
1804,3 - 5,1 /3,53030KON
2004,3 - 5,1 / 3,52030KON, 

D – blade diameter [mm], S – tooth width [mm], s – body thickness [mm], d – bore [mm], z – number of teeth, * other dimensions and tooth geometries on request, 1/ Rapido 2/ Dimar

In case that you did not find the type of saw blades you require in our catalogue, please contact us. We will make them upon your specification.

We also offer complete servicing of PCD saw blades!

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