Safety Rules for Band Saw Blade Usage

Band saw blades are used for splitting, cutting off wood logs, woodbase materials and light metal alloys. Band saw blades can be used for mechanical or manual feed speed while following the recommended safety rules.

When unwrapping/packing and during manipulation (i.e. when setting up into the machine) please proceed with maximum caution! Danger of getting hurt by very sharp objects!

Move the tools in an appropriate packing!
Danger of getting hurt!

Nepřekračovat maximální napínací sílu! Pečlivě čistěte oblast napínacích kol a vodítek.

Check the cutting edge. Check the machine set up.

It is necessary to stop the machine while tool replacement.

Tool set up:
Set up the tool into the machine and secure it following the manufacturer’s specification.
Follow the manufacturer’s safety rules.

Follow the valid safety rules.
Right function and safety will be preserved only if service is provided according to valid specification of PILANA TOOLS.

How to service the tool:

  • Follow the valid regulations
  • Unskilled usage and usage out of purpose is forbidden.
  • If not required by national law, use specific objects to protect your eyes, ears and mouth.
  • Never leave the machine unattended without monitoring!
  • Please clean the band saw blades in time and remove resin. Clean blades have longer life-time and are therefore more economical.

Well-timed sharpening and cleaning the blade are basic conditions how to keep the quality and follow the safety rules. It is important to have these activities done by an expert. Tools are often covered by resin and dust etc. Any dirt negatively influences the cutting performance. To clean the machine use only convenient objects, which do not cause rust or chemical damage to band saw blades.