For Mineral / Rock Wool

We can produce the circular saw blades for you.

In case you did not find the type of circular saw blades you require in our catalogue, please contact us. We will make them upon your specification.



Material: Rock / mineral wool 

Application: Solid materials 

Machine: Automatic feed machines

  • cutting along and across of mineral fibres
  • specially designed saw body improves resistance against abrasive wear
  • TCT saw blades for cutting of mineral fibres are produced in all dimensions on request of our customers
Thin Kerf TCT Saw Blades

Thin Kerf TCT Saw Blades

  • suitable for cutting of standard and higher quality dry woods
  • applicable in production of floors or furniture for cross cutting and cutting along the grain
  • less force during feeding, better energy effectivness and less waste produced
  • produced with black coating for smoother surface of the body and extra tensioning in the body to prevent wobbling
  • thin kerf saw blades are produced in diameters from 100 - 250 mm, body thickness 0,9 - 1,2 mm