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PCD Saw Blades

PCD tips are made by sintering of selected diamond particles at high temperature and pressuring them subsequently onto a carbide support.

Why choose a PCD circular saw blade?

  • several times longer blade life without the need for re-sharpening compared to saws with TCT tips
  • thanks to longer blade life and less frequent sharpening, production efficiency Mincreases and machine maintenance costs decrease
  • cleaner cut: PCD saw blades reach smoother and more precise cut, which in return reduces the cost of further processing of the cut material

Which industries are PCD saw blades most suitable for?

  • woodworking industries, furniture production, processing of polymers and aluminum components, construction and engineering

Which materials can be cut with PCD saw blades?

  • MDF, HDF, HPL, laminated chipboard, panels of composite materials, plasterboard, acrylic boards, panels used in flooring, Corian, cement-fiber boards, aluminum and plastic profiles and boards.

The geometry of the teeth is designed to best suit your specific application. The height of the PCD tip can be chosen according to the customer's request – typically between 3.0 - 6.0 mm.

The maximum saw blade diameter which Pilana produces is up to 600 mm. All PCD saw blades are manufactured from the highest quality materials and undergo a strict quality control during the manufacturing process.

Pilana offers a complete service of PCD tools - saw blades, milling cutters and other cutting tools.

We can produce the circular saw blades for you.

In case you did not find the type of circular saw blades you require in our catalogue, please contact us. We will make them upon your specification.