• cutting of solids, tubes and construction profiles (HSS), rail tracks, large billets
  • non-alloy or alloy steels, bearing steel
  • possibility of regrinding
  • number of teeth and type of blade depending on application
  • diameter of the blade: from 280 to 1300 mm

TCT Metal standard (typical sizes)

Ø (mm)Kerf/body (mm)Main bore + pin holes (mm)Teeth countTypical application
6306,5/5,080 + 8/27/16060rail cutting
7205,5/4,580 + 8/32/20060/72/80large steel billets
7605,5/4,580 + 8/27/16060/80/100steel bilets/thick wall tubes
8607,0/5,580 + 8/32/20060steel billets
  • many other sizes upon request for Linsinger, Wagner, Kasto machines…

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