87-11 TFZ P

Material: Non-ferrous metals and plastics

Application: Profiles, mouldings, solid materials, tubes

Machine: Automatic feed machines

  • cutting aluminum profiles and mouldings, plastic boards, brass (Pertinax)
  • suitable for cutting of thin-walled profiles
  • suitable for angle cutting and cross cutting
  • saw blades are equipped with Cu rivets

Explanation: D-blade diameter (mm), S-tooth width [mm], s-body thickness [mm], d-bore [mm], z-number of teeth

All saw blades suitable for cutting non-ferrous metals and plastics include pinholes. Please see parameters of pinholes on the picture aside.

If requested by customer, we can also produce version without pinholes.

In case that you did not find the type of saw blades which you require in our catalogue, please contact us. We will make them upon your specification.

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