Über die Firma

The production of wood cutting tools began in Hulín, Czechoslovakia as far back as in year 1934 when „The First Moravian Factory for Production of Saws and Tools“ started its operations. Initially, hand held saws were the main product, gradually circular saw blades we added to the production program along with other cutting tools for wood. In the 1960s, the product range expanded as TCT tipped circular saw blades were added.

During the 1990s, privatization of the state-owned manufacturing facilities into private hands occurred and as a result of this process company PILANA Wood was formed. Enormous efforts were brought into upgrading the machinery park, improvement of the production technologies and general shifting to western standards so that the company could become competitive in the newly opened world markets after the fall of the Eastern Block.

These new production technologies include cutting of steel bodies by laser and their machine straightening or brazing and sharpening of TCT tips. Machinery park has been constantly renewed to presently contain robotic brazing machines made by Kirschner, DE or sharpening centers made by Vollmer, DE. Strict quality control has also become one of the crucial pillars on which the whole production stands and is now an inseparable part of the overall modern approach to managing our business.

At present, we are happy to serve our customers in more than 50 countries of the world where they can choose from a variety of standard products available from stock as well as tools made on request. That all for applications in cutting of wood, chipboard, plastics, non-ferrous metals, steels and many other contemporary materials.

You are invited to come and try the quality our products and services for yourselves.

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