Tungsten Carbide Tipped Saw Blades

Tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) saw blades from Pilana Tools are manufactured from high quality materials with hardness of 43 HRc and their complete saw bodies are laser cut. Expansion slots situated all around the saw body are specially shaped for each cutting application. By these means the expansion slots prevent blade deformation and improve cutting quality in difficult conditions (while centrifugal forcing and heating up of blade). Expansion and low-noise slots should enable high cutting performance.

Tungsten carbide tips are purchased only from highly prestigious suppliers and their grade is always suitable for particular cutting application.

List of carbide tip grades:

Grades of tips
K 01K 10K 20K 30
Hardness [HV 30]Hardness [HV 30]Hardness [HV 30]Hardness [HV 30]
1900 - 22001700 - 18001600 - 17001300 - 1400
Tips of K01 grade are very resistible against abrasion. Powdered grain (micro grain) is very fine. Its grade is applicable for cutting hard materials. For example MDF, chipboard, HDF, double sidelaminated chipboard etc.Tips with optimum combination of fine-grained structure and material hardness applicable for universal usage. Best for cutting wood, plastics, non – ferrous metals, plywood, plaster boards etc.Tips containing higher percentage of cobalt binding material enables better tooth tenacity and therefore higher resistance while hitting other material types (i.e. branch knots, dirt, steel chips etc.). Tips are applicable for cutting along the grain of natural woods.High percentage of cobalt binding material with lower hardness enables K30 tips high tenacity and resistance against breaking. This grade is best applicable for cutting in extreme conditions (i.e. cutting frozen wood).

Another very important characteristic of saw blade is its stability and tensioning. Therefore we put maximum effort to reach the best results possible while testing our blades on special and modern machines. All the information acquired is applied in practise.

The last but not least important parameter is sharpening of carbide tips. Ideal cutting edge simply guarantees quality cutting. New automatic sharpening machines together with best quality grinding discs enable us to improve high sharpness quality of our saw blades.